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somewhere in a paper box under the bed

Tiny framebuffer for SSD1306 and similar displays.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 18 hours ago

test ssd1306 with arduino nano

Updated 4 weeks ago

USB controlled relay

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 1 month ago

recuperator fan control with esp32

Updated 2 months ago

minimal C implementation of modbus slave device

Updated 3 months ago

Regulátor pro remosku s STM8

Updated 4 months ago

bluepill firmware that turns it into a USB-I2C multimaster gateway with a simple serial protocol.

Updated 8 months ago

Air quality sensor

Updated 11 months ago

IR blaster with esp32, WIP

Updated 3 months ago

esp32 firmware for a toaster reflow oven WIP!!!!!

Updated 4 weeks ago

1-Wire tester, shows ROM code and temperature on an LCD screen

Updated 4 years ago

Bootstrap and definition library for programming STM32L100RC in ARM assembler. This was a class project to learn ARM assembly

Updated 4 years ago

C function for matching numeric vectors and calculating error / difference. This was used to detect difference between FFT results

Updated 4 years ago