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  Ondřej Hruška 2827c9bbe5
optimize Method 4 months ago
  Ondřej Hruška bae4c13597
improvements around HttpMethod, more tests 4 months ago
  Ondřej Hruška a1f3c6ebfb Merge branch 'pr-method-lifetime' of slamb/digest_auth_rs into master 4 months ago
  Scott Lamb 2e61615da0 allow non-'static HTTP method names 4 months ago
  Ondřej Hruška 750294cd97 add changelog 8 months ago
  Ondřej Hruška e01454d943 bump version 8 months ago
  Ondřej Hruška 16a02aabed Merge branch 'upgrade-deps' of jplatte/digest_auth_rs into master 8 months ago
  Jonas Platte f9c4ba2966
Upgrade dependencies 8 months ago
  Ondřej Hruška f505c0951a
Update dependencies 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 2cd02e3eb5
Merge branch 'update-crypto' 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 8f9cc6a660
fmt and clippy fixes. Algorithm enum functions now take self by value (it's Copy and only 2 bytes). 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 12f158a3d6
update crypto dependencies to new crates 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška abda2133bf
format code, version bump 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 891c7a183d
Fix custom Error not implementing std::error::Error 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška c10d96bf83
version bump, updated readme 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 1947affd75
add parsing support to AuthorizationHeader 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška f2346416cc
implement ToString for WwwAuthenticateHeader for server-side use 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška f4c6e4ab3d
restructure to modules 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška c81e3caf17
fix &str compared with String, add dyn to Box<dyn ..> 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 4bc4386f34
fix wrong method in POST 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 252022f26b
forgot to make some fields public 2 years ago
  Ondřej Hruška 18c2b2a107
code cleaning with clippy, improved API ergonomics, add missing pub 2 years ago
  Ondřej Hruška c25e559b53
add metadata 2 years ago
  Ondřej Hruška 37a8ae4c41
add license and readme 2 years ago
  Ondřej Hruška ed6b882fa0
code import 2 years ago