Python client for GEX
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from gex import Client, TF_Msg
from gex.Client import EventReport
class Unit:
def __init__(self, client:Client, name:str):
self.client = client
self.unit_name = name
self.unit_type = self._type()
self.callsign = client.get_callsign(name, self.unit_type)
# need intermediate function because the method also takes 'self'
def evt_hdl(evt:EventReport):
self.client.bind_report_listener(self.callsign, evt_hdl)
def _init(self):
""" Do post-constructor init """
def _type(self) -> str:
raise NotImplementedError("Missing _type() in Unit class \"%s\"" % self.__class__.__name__)
def _send(self, cmd:int, pld=None, id:int=None, confirm:bool=False):
Send a command to the unit.
If 'confirm' is True, will ask for confirmation and throw an error if not received
Returns frame ID
if confirm:
msg = self._query(cmd|0x80, pld, id)
return self.client.send(cs=self.callsign, cmd=cmd, pld=pld, id=id)
def _query(self, cmd:int, pld=None, id:int=None, timeout=3) -> TF_Msg:
""" Query the unit. Returns TF_Msg """
return self.client.query(cs=self.callsign, cmd=cmd, pld=pld, id=id, timeout=timeout)
def _query_async(self, cmd:int, callback, pld=None, id:int=None):
Query the unit without waiting for response.
The callback is fired for each frame; returns TF.CLOSE or TF.STAY
Returns frame ID
return self.client.query_async(cs=self.callsign, cmd=cmd, pld=pld, id=id, callback=callback)
def _bulk_read(self, cmd:int, pld=None, id:int=None, chunk:int=1024) -> bytearray:
Perform a bulk read.
cmd, id and pld are used to initiate the read.
return self.client.bulk_read(cs=self.callsign, cmd=cmd, id=id, pld=pld, chunk=chunk)
def _bulk_write(self, cmd:int, bulk, id:int=None, pld=None):
Perform a bulk write.
cmd, id and pld are used to initiate the read.
bulk is the data to write.
self.client.bulk_write(cs=self.callsign, cmd=cmd, id=id, pld=pld, bulk=bulk)
def _on_event(self, evt:EventReport):
""" Stub for an event handler """
raise NotImplementedError("Missing _on_event() in Unit class \"%s\"" % self.__class__.__name__)
# --- utils ---
def pins2int(self, list_or_int):
if type(list_or_int) != int:
p = 0
for pin in list_or_int:
p |= 1 << pin
return p
return list_or_int
def pins2list(self, list_or_int):
if type(list_or_int) == int:
L = []
for i in range(0,32): # this is up to 32 in order to allow using it also for adc channels
if list_or_int & (1 << i) != 0:
return L
return list_or_int