Python client for GEX
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import struct
class PayloadBuilder:
Utility for building binary payloads
def __init__(self, endian:str='little'):
self.buf = bytearray()
self.endian = endian
def close(self) -> bytearray:
""" Get the byte buffer """
return self.buf
def reset(self):
""" Clear the buffer """
def u8(self, num:int):
""" Add a uint8_t """
self.buf.extend((num&0xFF).to_bytes(length=1, byteorder=self.endian, signed=False))
def u16(self, num:int):
""" Add a uint16_t """
self.buf.extend((num&0xFFFF).to_bytes(length=2, byteorder=self.endian, signed=False))
def u24(self, num:int):
""" Add a uint24_t (for use with RGB colors) """
self.buf.extend((num&0xFFFFFF).to_bytes(length=3, byteorder=self.endian, signed=False))
def u32(self, num:int):
""" Add a uint32_t """
self.buf.extend(num.to_bytes(length=4, byteorder=self.endian, signed=False))
def u64(self, num:int):
""" Add a uint64_t """
self.buf.extend(num.to_bytes(length=8, byteorder=self.endian, signed=False))
def i8(self, num:int):
""" Add a int8_t """
self.buf.extend(num.to_bytes(length=1, byteorder=self.endian, signed=True))
def i16(self, num:int):
""" Add a int16_t """
self.buf.extend(num.to_bytes(length=2, byteorder=self.endian, signed=True))
def i32(self, num:int):
""" Add a int32_t """
self.buf.extend(num.to_bytes(length=4, byteorder=self.endian, signed=True))
def i64(self, num:int):
""" Add a int64_t """
self.buf.extend(num.to_bytes(length=8, byteorder=self.endian, signed=True))
def float(self, num:float):
""" Add a float (4 bytes) """
fmt = '<f' if self.endian == 'little' else '>f'
self.buf.extend(struct.pack(fmt, num))
def double(self, num:float):
""" Add a double (8 bytes) """
fmt = '<d' if self.endian == 'little' else '>d'
self.buf.extend(struct.pack(fmt, num))
def bool(self, num:bool):
""" Add a bool (0 or 1) """
self.buf.append(1 if num != False else 0)
def str(self, string:str):
""" Add a 0-terminated string """
def blob(self, blob):
""" Ad an arbitrary blob (bytearray or binary string) """
def zeros(self, count):
for i in range(0,count):