1-Wire tester, shows ROM code and temperature on an LCD screen
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1-Wire tester

Uses Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Nano or similar, with ATmega328P.

LCD is HD44780, 2-line.


  • D2 - RS
  • D3 - R/W
  • D4 - E
  • D5..D8 - DATA4..7
  • D9 - 1-Wire data, 4k7 pullup to 5V

HD44780 connection

  • GND
  • +5
  • contrast (potentiometer +5 - GND)
  • RS
  • R/W
  • E
  • D0-D3 ... to GND
  • D4-D7 ... communication


Everything is automatic, just connect 1-Wire devices to the data pin.

ROM code reading works in parasitic mode, but temperature measurement is implemented only in 3-wire mode.