Ondřej Hruška MightyPork

SpriteHTTPD - embedded HTTP server with read-only filesystem and templating, originally developed for ESP8266, now stand-alone and POSIX compatible.

Updated 4 months ago

simple binary file splitting tool for huge files

Updated 5 months ago

Program optiboot to chinese arduino nano / pro mini that comes without a working bootloader

Updated 6 months ago

like curses, but not evil [WIP]

Updated 6 months ago

pleroma groups!!!!!! try it ->

Updated 7 months ago

Rust parser for Softlink NEP

Updated 8 months ago

convert 8 bit hexdump to 7 bit. The input must be hex codes separated by spaces, supports multiple lines. Ends with eof or empty line.

Updated 11 months ago

Updated 1 year ago

Trying to build a forth runtime in C

Updated 2 years ago

mastodon API rust lib elefren, fixed and updated. and also all ASYNC! NB. most examples are now wrong.

Updated 2 years ago

a small relational database with user-editable schema for manual data entry

Updated 2 years ago

Flat file database editor and browser with web interface

Updated 2 years ago

bread gallery data and generator script

Updated 3 years ago

bla bla

Updated 3 years ago

Croissant Runtime

Updated 3 years ago