Rogue: Savage Rats, a retro-themed dungeon crawler
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Rogue - Savage Rats

Read the MANULAL if you want to play the game.

It explains it way better than this text file.

The package mightypork.gamecore contains the framework part of the project.

It is not yet ready to be published on it's own, but you can have a look at the source if you're interested. The actual library repo will be set up later, with more polished code, better docs, and cleaner hierarchy.



  • Simple retro-themed dungeon crawler

Code Features

  • Full OOP design
  • Event driven
  • OpenGL 2D rendering
  • Screen / layer based graphics with Constraint System
  • A* path-finding system
  • Audio, Font & Texture systems
  • Easily extensible base framework

Game Features

  • Real-time action
  • Monsters with AI
  • Collectable items (weapons, food)
  • Random floor generator

Used libraries

  • LWJGL (OpenGL & OpenAL support)
  • SlickUtil (texture loader, audio system)


  1. Export a jar with the mightypork.* packages and the res folder into build/in/build.jar
  2. Run make to create a stand-alone executable jar in build/out/release.jar
  3. Use make run to execute it


The game is controlled by mouse and keyboard.

See the manual (link at the top) for more detailed info.