Versatile Java game engine with pluggable backends (this was used in Rogue, I think)
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GameCore, a 2D java game engine

Versatile Java game engine with pluggable backends

This engine aims to be platform and backend independent, clean and simple.

It's a bootstrap for 2D java games.

(You could probably do 3D in it as well, with the LWJGL backend and LWJGL functions. But it'd be ugly.)


If you intend to build it from source, you will need those Eclipse projects in your workspace:


Backends provide implementation to some abstract GameCore modules:

How to use it

TODO: Better docs and demo

Basically, all you have to do is make an instance of App, with a backend of choice (only LWJGL now).

Easy customization with Init Tasks

You then add some InitTask-s to the App, maybe some plugins, and start() it.

This can be done in the constructor, or somewhere else, that doesn't really matter.

All of the game configuration is done using the init tasks. There is a bunch of init tasks already added, each task has a name and a list of tasks it depends upon. It also has a priority, which affects order (but dependencies must already be loaded).

You can add task to setup working directory, to define config file locations and contents, to set up window size, to load resources and so on.

Driven by Events

Once init tasks are initialized, the next phase comes. The MainLoop will be executed, providing delta timing to the whole game.

This is done via an EventBus, the core of the whole engine. Everything is done using Events. Well, almost.

Stuff done with events:

  • Delta timing
  • Shutdown
  • Resource loading
  • User input
  • Layout change notification
  • Anything else you add


The MainLoop renders something called "main renderable", or UI. What you put there is really up to you, but typically it's a SreenRegistry with some Screens in it.

The UI receives timing events, user input events etc, and can react to them.

There is a little library of UI layouts and components that can be used, or you may make your own with no big hassle.

Make use of MightyUtils!

There is a HUGE amount of cool utils in the MightyUtils library. One of them is even the EventBus itself.

There is a cool math library with dynamic constraints, the base of the GUI system. There is even a custom serialization system called ION.

Check it out!