generic circular buffer implementation in C
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Ondřej Hruška a3485b9ced readme 8 years ago readme 8 years ago
circbuf.c should be reliable now with producent and consumer threads. Removed length variable. Also removed useless "bonus" funcs. 8 years ago
circbuf.h readme 8 years ago

Circular byte buffer

This is a circular buffer implementation, useful mainly for embedded systems (buffer for UART RX/TX queues etc).

It should be reliable with producent / consumer threads (no race conditions, as no length variable is used).


#include <stdint.h>
#include "circbuf.h"

circbuf_t cb; // buffer instance

void main()
	char c;
	cbuf_init(&cb, 32); // init the buffer
	// now it's ready for use!
	cbuf_write(&cb, 'A');
	if (cbuf_read(&cb, &c)) {
		printf("%c", c);
	cbuf_deinit(&cb); // free the backing array (in embedded system you don't usually need to, allocate once and keep it)

Most functions return a success flag (true - success), so make sure to check the return values.

False is returned on buffer overflow / underflow. See the header file for details.


I don't care, public domain (I guess).