Croissant Runtime
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(def PX_W 1024)
(def PX_H 768)
(def UPSCALE 8)
(def MAXITER 50)
(sc-init PX_W PX_H)
(def W (=div PX_W UPSCALE))
(def H (=div PX_H UPSCALE))
(sym gradient r9)
(sym asciigr r10)
(mkbf gradient (
0x421e0f 0x19071a 0x09012f 0x040449 0x000764 0x0c2c8a 0x1852b1 0x397dd1
0x86b5e5 0xd3ecf8 0xf1e9bf 0xf8c95f 0xffaa00 0xcc8000 0x995700 0x6a3403))
(sym x r7)
(sym y r8)
(call pixel x y)
(sub r0 MAXITER 1)
(rcmp res0 1 r0
(mod r0 res0 16)
(bfrd r0 @gradient r0)
(else? (ld r0 0))
(sc-wr x y r0)
(inc x)
(cmp x W)
( :col)
(ld x 0)
(inc y)
(sc-blit) ; Render after every row
(cmp y H)
( :row)
(mslp 10)
(j :slp)
(proc pixel xi yi
(sym x0 r7)
(sym y0 r8)
(itf x0 xi)
(itf y0 yi)
; Scale to the interesting range x -2.5..1 and y -1..1
(itf r0 W)
(itf r1 H)
(fdiv x0 r0)
(fmul x0 3.5)
(fsub x0 2.5)
(fdiv y0 r1)
(fmul y0 2.4)
(fsub y0 1.2)
(sym x r5)
(sym y r6)
(ld x 0.0)
(ld y 0.0)
(sym iter r4)
(cmp iter MAXITER)
(j.eq :end)
(fmul r0 x x)
(fmul r1 y y)
(fadd r2 r1)
(fcmp r2 4.0)
( :end)
(fsub r2 r0 r1)
(fadd r2 x0)
(fmul r0 x y)
(fmul r0 2.0)
(fadd r0 y0)
(ld y r0)
(ld x r2)
(inc iter)
(j :iter)
(ret iter)