Croissant Runtime
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35 lines
712 B

; mouse over the image to draw circles
(sc-init 800 600)
(sc-mouse r4 r5 (ov? (j :loop)))
(itf r4)
(itf r5)
(ld r0 0.0)
(def RADIUS 50.0)
(fsin r1 r0)
(fcos r2 r0)
(fmul r1 RADIUS)
(fmul r2 RADIUS)
(fadd r1 r4)
(fadd r2 r5)
(fti r1)
(fti r2)
(sc-px r1 r2 #66ff00)
(fadd r0 0.1) ; make lower for a smoother circle
(fcmp r0 TAU
(j :loop)))
(j :circle)
(j :loop)