Croissant Runtime
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40 lines
797 B

; This program asks for a name and prints a greeting
(sym name r7)
(mkbf r0 "Your name: ")
(call prompt r0) (del @r0)
(ld name res0)
(ld @cout '\n')
(mkbf r1 "Hello, ")
(call print r1) (del @r1)
(call print name) (del @name)
(ld @cout '!')
(ld @cout '\n')
(proc print buf
(bfsz r1 @buf)
(cmp r0 r1 (eq? (ret)))
(bfrd @cout @buf r0)
(inc r0)
(j :next)
(proc prompt msg
(call print msg)
(sym dest r7)
(mkbf dest)
(ld r0 @cin (eof? (ret dest)))
(cmp r0 '\n' (eq? (ret dest)))
(ld @cout r0)
(bfpush @dest r0)
(j :char)