Command-line shortcuts to make git easier
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Script for automating the most common git tasks. If you are lazy, this may be for you :)


Clone github repo

Commands you want:

  • git clone

With LazyGit:

ghc MightyPork/lazy-git

Check git status

Commands you want:

  • git status

With LazyGit:

g check

Pull from origin

Commands you want:

  • git pull

With LazyGit:

g pull

Add all, commit and push

Commands you want:

  • git status (if no changes, stop here)
  • git add --all
  • git commit -m "...." (ask for message)
  • git push

With LazyGit:

g send

g send is interactive, it shows you the changes and prompts for a message. The operation can be canceled without damage by hitting ^C at the commit prompt.

Add all & commit (without push)

This is like g send, but without pushing the result. Use g push or git push to send your new commits to the server.

g add

(g commit and g stage are aliases)