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@ -342,6 +342,11 @@ The coroutine is blocked until the value is consumed by someone. To consume a yi
(ld r0 @r5) ; read a yielded value
**Caution!!!** Due to the way this is implemented, the instruction that tries to use a yielded value might partially execute
before detecting that it is blocked, and will be retried when the thread is next scheduled to run. This has the consequence
that if something like a object handle is read by the same instruction, it may be read multiple times while waiting for the
yielded value. It is recommended to *never combine reads of a yielded value with reads of other object handles*.
### Joining a coroutine
Use the `join` instruction with a coroutine object handle to wait for its completion.
@ -480,6 +485,15 @@ Jumping to a label is always safer than a manual skip.
; Exit the current routine (or coroutine) with return values
(ret Rd...)
; Yield control from a coroutine (use when waiting for a mutex to give control early to
; other coroutines that might be holding it)
; Yield a value generated by a coroutine. Gives up control and blocks until the value is consumed.
; Conversely, an instruction that tries to read a yielded value using the object handle is blocked
; until such value becomes available.
(yield Rd'value)
; Wait for a coroutine to complete, read its return values and delete it.
(join @Obj)