My fork of airsonic with experimental fixes and improvements. See branch "custom"
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v10.5.0 - 7 Nov 2019

New index version. Scan will be triggered on startup


  • Precompile jsp
  • Add option to disable timestamps during scan
  • Making textareas vertical-align middle allows them to align with adjacent imgs.
  • Improved handling of missing/failed transcoder
  • Removed inability to change roles for admin user
  • Display file id and path in debug scanning logs
  • Update dark icons for the 'groove' theme
  • added discogs search link to main album page
  • Use titles in some <img> tags
  • Make the systemd unit compatible with tomcat9
  • Make the logout icon/image cliquable
  • Bump Spring version
  • Improve Windows system detection
  • Update Lucene from 3.0.3 to the current version 8.2.0
  • Add expunge to IndexManager


  • Fix podcast download issues
  • Fix null exception when creating a new podcast channel
  • Handle Lyrics fetch HttpResponseException
  • Added handling for LyricsService ConnectTimeoutException
  • Improve error handling for jaudiotaggerParser artwork fetch
  • Improve transcoder info text and formatting
  • Handle nulls when processing cover art better
  • Media file scan will now heed configured music/video file types
  • Fix incorrect absolute paths in css
  • Fixed broken brace and quote splitting in help text
  • Fixed inconsistencies in SVG icon colors
  • Remove white underline from player controls
  • fixed 'Settings Saved' notification when saving transcoding settings #1114 (#1269)
  • Fix broken update link
  • normalize license expire date to prevent outstanding value on Java 12
  • escaped artist and album values in links; fixed allmusic link
  • Fix a NULL-deref in
  • Gracefully handle failed version check attempts
  • Fix the CSS for groove simple
  • Path to search in a specific case is incorrect #1139


  • upgrade jackson-databind and commons-beanutils for CVEs

And lots of code cleanup/improvements!

v10.4.2 - 22 Oct 2019


  • Fix a migration issue on MariaDB (#1333)

v10.4.1 - 14 Oct 2019


  • Last song in a play queue no longer repeats (#1254)
  • Add database support for MariaDB (#1188)


  • Replace dead repository ( with a new one (#1277)
  • Some dependencies updated to new minor versions in order to fix CVEs
  • Some backported changes to make tests pass more reliably

v10.4.0 - 13 Jul 2019


  • /stream When transcoding, always use chunked transfers and report that ranges are not supported. When not transcoding, support returning ranges but only if requested.
  • /stream Remove the option to never set Content-Length. This workaround is obsolete with correct handling of ranges when requested.
  • Use spaces instead of coma in systemd lists
  • Don't use ProtectHome by default in the systemd unit
  • Show cover art not displaying on chromecast
  • Fix downloads with embedded covers
  • Fix a crash when transcoding a track without artist/album
  • Fix the video player that was broken in cf1f86f
  • Fix 3 minor errors in jsp files
    • Add a missing $ in dlnaSettings
    • Add a missing taglib import in homePage.jsp
    • Add a missing = in playQueue.jsp's css
  • Fix layout and alignment issues in current master branch
  • Work around play queue not going to the next song automatically


  • Add m4b detection
  • Cleanup unused libraries
  • Better handling of ID3v2.4
  • /stream Refactor
  • /stream Dont use RanegOutputStream when entire range is requested
  • /stream Omit unnecessary null check on ranges
  • Declare the usage of HTML5 in the doctype
  • Remove the embedded copy of jaxrpc
  • Fix a possible stacktrace on RandomPlayQueue
  • Add contrib/ (#1096)
  • Remove the deprecated getAlphabetialAlbums method
  • Remove the ghetto REST flash-based video player
  • Add an alt attribute to images, to increase accessibility
  • Use SVG for the icons for the default_light theme
  • Disallow deleting your own user or removing admin role
  • SearchService refactoring
  • Play internet radios in MediaElement (fix #408)
  • Add internet radio source cache
  • Hide play queue actions while playing internet radios
  • Limit the amount of data we parse from remote internet radio playlists
  • Show an error is an internet radio has no sources to load
  • Do not try to load radio playlists in the browser when clicking on a radio
  • Follow HTTP redirects when loading internet radio playlists

Translation Updates:

  • Character encoding changes
  • Strip the <p>…</p> markup in translation
  • Add Weblate config


  • Cookie is now marked httpOnly
  • Jackson updates

v10.3.1 - 21 May 2019


  • Fix utils.js naming issue


  • CVE-2019-12086 - bump jackson version

v10.3.0 - 20 May 2019


  • Fix a javascript null-deref occuring when localstorage isn't available/supported by the browser
  • Fix StringIndexOutOfBounds errors thrown by DWR/YUI
  • Fix a small resource leak
  • Fix #611 Add support for Java 9 and greater
  • Fix typo in anonymous user name (#663)


  • Maven Dependency Updates
  • HSQL: Checkpoint/defrag/shutdown optimizations
  • HSQL: Log tweaks
  • Remove momentjs, pngfix
  • Codebase modernization
  • Systemd unit hardening
  • Remove the external fonts usage
  • Update mediaelement from 4.1.1 to 4.2.9
  • Remove dependency
  • Add description and viewport meta tags
  • Javascript cleanup/optimizations
  • Remove Google+ relics
  • Remove jquery-contextmenu since it's not used anywhere
  • Remove webfx stuff, since they're apparently not used
  • Remove WAP-related stuff
  • Do not show stack trace for client-side connection errors
  • Show more informative messages while streaming
  • Replace latin encoding with utf-8
  • Don't autocomplete the password field
  • Clicking on the logo now redirects to home instead of about
  • Remove mentions of subsonic premium
  • Add a permission check for the podcast folder
  • Replace the double-mustache anti-pattern
  • Remove the /db page
  • Bump jQuery/jquery-ui to the latest versions
  • Replace the flash player with medialement.js for the shared media
  • Add system properties for persisting the 'remember me' key
  • Replace the usage of prototypejs with jquery in changeCoverArt.jsp
  • Add the required keyword to some forms
  • Update docker base image to alpine 3.9


  • CVE-2019-10908 Generate new passwords in a secure way
  • Fix a xss and clean up some js
  • CVE-2019-10907 Use a random key to "encrypt" the remember-me cookie's value
  • Use https for external links
  • Fix a bunch of dom-based xss
  • Add a noopener and noreferrer to external urls
  • Avoid logging sensitive URL parameters in the Subsonic API
  • Fix various minor issues found by LGTM

v10.2.1 - 18 Feb 2019


  • CVE-2018-20222 Prevent xxe during parse

v10.2.0 - 16 Feb 2019


  • Fix #658 again: content type for unscaled images set based on jaudiotagger output
  • Reverted a93a18a and properly re-encoded with 'native2ascii -encoding UTF-8'
  • fix issues #638 and #574
  • Fix #596 SubStandard theme includes old Subsonic Logo
  • Fix themes using dark background with me_js
  • Remove potential cast exception
  • Fixed github link opening in frame and not loading
  • Correct corrupted downloaded zip
  • Fix #778: Defragment embedded HSQLDB database more frequently
  • PlayQueue: Fix broken keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix #860 (external database performance) by using connection pooling … (#864)


  • Made it easier to see current playing song for dark themes
  • Spring Boot 1.5.18
  • New add_album to play queue
  • Remove margin of media_control bar
  • Update to 3.3.0 java-jwt
  • catch exceptions ClientAbortException display a short message and return, to avoid the massive useless traceback in log
  • Update cxf to 3.1.15
  • Issue #164: Show link to MusicBrainz release on album pages
  • Handle player id as an Integer instead of Strin
  • Add Docker health check
  • Use dark media player theme on groove theme (#777)
  • Change to optional reCAPTCHA v2
  • Optionally parse podcast episode duration in seconds to [hh:]mm:ss
  • Add option to disable seeking on transcodes. (Mitigates #548 & #723)
  • White list jars that are scanned for tlds to prevent spurious logs
  • Tweaked logging around servlet container and added warning about jetty
  • Add extended favicons
  • Display folders as a list in Settings->Users and include the path.
  • Add 32x32 pixeled favicon / updated favicons in webapp
  • Updated internal maven plugins

Translation Updates:

  • Fixed elipse in english translation


  • Fix #749 Ensure transcode settings are protected
  • Bump version of guava to deal with CVE-2018-10237
  • Update jackson version
  • Fix #764 LDAP Login allows unauthenticated access

Not Fixed:

  • #685 - transcoding length issue

v10.1.2 - 28 Aug 2018


  • Fix LDAP authentication bypass

v10.1.1 - 16 Dec 2017


  • Add show-all button on artist landing page
  • Upgrade jaudiotagger to 2.2.5 supporting Java 9


  • DLNA Recent Albums is just listing albums
  • NPE in docker container
  • Substandard theme css
  • Build error causing Jetty to be default container (should be Tomcat)

Translation Updates:

  • English language cleanup

v10.1.0 - 04 Nov 2017


  • New Jukebox player using javasound api
  • Localize artist bios from
  • Use ffprobe and not ffmpeg to scrape metadata
  • Added options for excluding files during scan (symlinks and regex)
  • Add "opus" and "mka" extension to default extension list


  • Error message readability
  • Adding album comment
  • Subsonic API wrong error behavior for getAlbumList
  • Stop airsonic from creating double slashes in urls.
  • Search csrf timeout/expiration


  • CVE-2014-3004 - XML playlist parsing

Translation Updates:

  • English

v10.0.1 - 23 Aug 2017

Note that with this release, the jdbc-extra flavored war is now the default and only war.

  • Translation updates for French, Bulgarian, German, Italian, Spanish,
  • Docker image tweaks
  • Some light cleanup/refactorings
  • Fixed password reset
  • Fixed broken liquibase when airsonic.defaultMusicFolder is modified

v10.0.0 - 06 Aug 2017

  • Rebranded to Airsonic
  • Replaced JWplayer with MediaElement.js (HTML5 player)
  • Upgraded to Subsonic API version 1.15
  • Added official Docker image
  • Added Airsonic to a Translation service (Weblate)
  • Some translations updates (English, French, German, and Russian)
  • New login page
  • Added additional war with builtin support for external databases
  • Improved playlist handling
  • DLNA browsing improvements
  • Small fixes and improvements

v6.2 - 02 May 2017

  • Small fixes
  • Release only a month behind schedule! We're improving!

v6.2.beta4 - 25 Apr 2017

  • Final fixes in Beta! Release soon

v6.2.beta3 - 08 Apr 2017

  • API endpoint security tightening
  • More documentation
  • Less licensing code
  • More cowbell

v6.2.beta2 - 24 Mar 2017

  • Add database settings UI
  • Documentation improvements
  • Lots of spit and polish

v6.2.beta1 - 05 Mar 2017

  • Add external database support
  • Upgrade to new version of Spring
  • Replace subsonic-booter with Spring Boot
  • Remove remote-access service and port-forwarding
  • Remove vestigial Subsonic licensing calls
  • Add a demo site
  • Tests and bugfixes and documentation, oh my!

v6.1 - 27 Nov 2016

  • First real stable release!

v6.1.beta2 - 19 Nov 2016

  • Metaproject: Jenkins builds!
  • More documentation
  • Translation updates
  • Improve shuffling behaviour
  • Lots of small fixes, many more to come

v6.1.beta1 - 15 May 2016

  • Meant as a release candidate; failed to make it past the Primary election.

v6.1-alpha1 - 14 May 2016

  • Search+replace subsonic-->libresonic
  • Move out of org.sourceforge.subsonic namespace
  • Develop becomes horribly unstable, you shouldn't be using this.

v6.0.1 - 14 May 2016

  • First recommended release
  • Updated Help/About page text

v6.0 - 1 May 2016

  • First release as Libresonic
  • Based upon Subsonic 5.3(stable)