My fork of airsonic with experimental fixes and improvements. See branch "custom"
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  1. Frobnicate the Quux widget
  2. Enable the turbo encabulator
  3. Wait between 5 and 30 minutes for it to crash

System information

  • Airsonic version: the version listed on the About page
  • Operating system: the operating system you're running Airsonic on. Linux, what distribution; Windows or Mac, what version?
  • Java version: the Java version you are using to run Airsonic.
  • Proxy server: if running Airsonic behind a proxy, what server and version? Otherwise, None
  • Client: what browser and version you use to access the Airsonic web interface, or the name and version of another app you're using.
  • Language: which langauge/internationalization is in use

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