My fork of airsonic with experimental fixes and improvements. See branch "custom"
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Guidelines for Contributing

Airsonic development is a community project, and contributions are welcomed. Here are a few guidelines you should follow before submitting:

  1. License Acceptance All contributions must be licensed as GNU GPLv3 to be accepted. Use git commit --signoff to acknowledge this.
  2. No Breakage New features or changes to existing ones must not degrade the user experience. This means do not introduce bugs, remove functionality, or make large changes to existing themes/UI without prior discussion in an Issue.
  3. Coding standards Language best-practices should be followed, comment generously, and avoid "clever" algorithms. Refactoring existing messes is great, but watch out for breakage.
  4. Be bold! Without contributions, this project will vanish. If you just want to help out, try submiting a patch for an open Issue.
  5. Stay relevant Issues or commentary that is off-topic or tangential to Airsonic development is subject to moderation. Questions should be focused on improving documentation to solve a problem. Visit Reddit or IRC for community discussion.