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% Acknowledgements
Before you lies the work of many long days and sleepless nights, the result of years of study and planning. This work is released to the commons as payback for the many open-source projects that allowed it to become what it has.
I would like to thank my tutors for the knowledge, and my friends for the encouragement to pull this off and create something I can be proud of.
Special thanks go to:
\item Annie, for showing me, and its developers, for building a great and free diagram drawing tool.
\item Beatrix, for keeping a friendly server where I could hang out in the breaks between writing.
\item Cpsdqs and others who helped with proofreading.
\item TeXstudio developers, the TeX StackExchange community, and CTAN contributors, without whom this paper would have been much harder to write.
\textbf{May the project prosper and be helpful to many.}
Ondřej Hruška
Prague, May 23, 2018