GEX thesis source code, full text, references
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\appendix % začátek příloh
% hacks to remove the header and move page numbers into the margin
% ok so this is ugly as sin, but \leftmark and \rightmark didn't work with
% the phantom sections, so we redefine leftmark manually and use it on both sides
\renewcommand{\leftmark}{Appendix A.1: GEX Hub Schematics, Revision 1}
\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{A{\enspace}GEX Hub Schematics}%
\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{A.1 GEX Hub Revision 1}%
\renewcommand{\leftmark}{Appendix A.2: GEX Hub Schematics, Revision 2}
\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{A.2 GEX Hub Revision 2}%
\renewcommand{\leftmark}{Appendix B.1: GEX Zero Schematics, Revision 1}
\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{B{\enspace}GEX Zero Schematics}%
\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{B.1 GEX Zero Revision 1}%
\renewcommand{\leftmark}{Appendix B.2: GEX Zero Schematics, Revision 2}
\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{B.2 GEX Zero Revision 2}%
\renewcommand{\leftmark}{Appendix C: Wireless Gateway Schematics}
\phantomsection\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{C{\enspace}Wireless Gateway Schematics}%
{\let\clearpage\relax \chapter{Content of the Attached CD}}
The attached CD (or archive, when downloaded in electronic form) contains source code of the embedded firmware, the client libraries, hardware projects, schematics, and material relating to the paper itself.
├── Firmware
├── Hardware
   ├── GEX HUB
   ├── GEX Zero
   ├── GEX Radio Dongle
   └── Zero+Hub+Dongle panel
├── Software
   ├── gex_client_c
   └── gex_client_py
├── Photos
└── Thesis
├── Diagrams
├── References
├── Source
└── GEX_Thesis.pdf
\textbf{Firmware source code and binaries} \\
\textbf{Hardware projects, schematics, gerbers} \\
\null{\quad}GEX Hub\\
\null{\quad}GEX Zero\\
\null{\quad}Wireless gateway\\
\null{\quad}Panelized gerbers for manufacturing\\
\textbf{Documentation photos} \\
\textbf{Client libraries} \\
\null{\quad}C library\\
\null{\quad}Python library\\
\textbf{Thesis materials} \\
\null{\quad} diagram data \\
\null{\quad}Referenced papers and documents \\
\null{\quad}\LaTeX\xspace source code, figures \\
\null{\quad}Electronic form of the thesis
\section*{Updates On-line}
Please note that the project is open-source and will continue to be developed and expanded after the submission of the paper. The attached source code and firmware images may not be up-to-date with the latest corrections and improvements.
The full electronic text, the attachments disk image, and the latest source code may be obtained at the following URLs:
\item Thesis download page \dots \url{}
\item Source code repositories \dots \url{}
\item Project page \dots \url{}