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% Booktabs
% More space in table cells
% Fix overful hbox
% -- odstavce --
\setlength\parskip{1.5ex plus 1pt minus 1 pt}
%\setlength{\parskip}{1.5ex plus 0.2ex minus 0.1ex} % po změně je potřeba doladit nadpisy
% add blank page unless current is left
% \clearpage
% \ifodd\value{page}\hbox{}\newpage\fi
% don't clear page before chapter
% section on new page, except first
% \ifnum\value{section}=0 \else\clearpage\fi
% ??? what does this do
\parindent \z@
\leftskip \z@ \@plus 1fil \@minus \textwidth
\parfillskip \z@skip}