C client for GEX. bare-bones, low level access
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// Created by MightyPork on 2017/12/15.
#ifndef GEX_H
#error "Include gex.h instead!"
* Supported message types (TF_TYPE)
enum TF_Types_ {
// General, low level
MSG_SUCCESS = 0x00, //!< Generic success response; used by default in all responses; payload is transaction-specific
MSG_PING = 0x01, //!< Ping request (or response), used to test connection
MSG_ERROR = 0x02, //!< Generic failure response (when a request fails to execute)
MSG_BULK_READ_OFFER = 0x03, //!< Offer of data to read. Payload: u32 total len
MSG_BULK_READ_POLL = 0x04, //!< Request to read a previously announced chunk. Payload: u32 max chunk
MSG_BULK_WRITE_OFFER = 0x05, //!< Offer to receive data in a write transaction. Payload: u32 max size, u32 max chunk
MSG_BULK_DATA = 0x06, //!< Writing a chunk, or sending a chunk to master.
MSG_BULK_END = 0x07, //!< Bulk transfer is done, no more data to read or write.
//!< Recipient shall check total len and discard it on mismatch. There could be a checksum ...
MSG_BULK_ABORT = 0x08, //!< Discard the ongoing transfer
// Unit messages
MSG_UNIT_REQUEST = 0x10, //!< Command addressed to a particular unit
MSG_UNIT_REPORT = 0x11, //!< Spontaneous report from a unit
// System messages
MSG_LIST_UNITS = 0x20, //!< Get all unit call-signs and names
MSG_INI_READ = 0x21, //!< Read the ini file via bulk
MSG_INI_WRITE = 0x22, //!< Write the ini file via bulk
MSG_PERSIST_SETTINGS = 0x23, //!< Write current settings to Flash