C client for GEX. bare-bones, low level access
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// Created by MightyPork on 2017/12/19.
#ifndef GEX_H
#error "Include gex.h instead!"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include "TinyFrame.h"
typedef TF_ID GexSession;
typedef struct gex_client GexClient;
typedef struct gex_unit GexUnit;
typedef struct gex_msg GexMsg;
typedef struct gex_bulk GexBulk;
/** Callback for spontaneous reports from units */
typedef void (*GexEventListener)(GexMsg msg);
* GEX message, used e.g. as a return value to static query.
* Contains all needed information to lead a multi-part dialogue.
struct gex_msg {
GexUnit *unit; //!< Unit this message belongs to
GexSession session; //!< TinyFrame session used in the message
uint8_t *payload; //!< Useful payload
uint32_t len; //!< Payload length
uint8_t type; //!< Message type (e.g. MSG_ERROR), or report type in event handler
* GEX unit instance, allocated based on configuration read from the GEX board.
struct gex_unit {
GexClient *gex; //!< Client instance
char *name; //!< Unit name (loaded, malloc'd)
char *type; //!< Unit type (loaded, malloc'd)
uint8_t callsign; //!< Unit callsign
GexEventListener report_handler; //!< Report handling function
void *priv; //!< Place for unit driver private struct (for use with support library packages)
struct gex_unit *next; //!< Pointer to the next entry in this linked list, or NULL if none
* Bulk transport info struct
struct gex_bulk {
uint8_t req_cmd; //!< Bulk request command
const uint8_t *req_data; //!< Bulk request data
uint32_t req_len; //!< Bulk request data len
uint8_t *buffer; //!< Transfer buffer (rx or tx)
// those are in a union to make it more obvious they shouldn't be used at once
union {
uint32_t capacity; //!< Receive buffer capacity
uint32_t len; //!< Transfer buffer length