Inlined STM8S SPL (STM8S103) for use with SDCC

Updated 6 years ago

Implementation of strlcat, strlncat, strlcpy and strlncpy

Updated 4 years ago


Updated 4 months ago

Updated 1 week ago

A simple library for building and parsing data frames for serial interfaces (like UART / RS232)

Updated 6 years ago

Turtle programming game that was never finished to a playable state (but had cute graphics and sounds)

Updated 6 years ago

Spritesheet generator for the tortuga game

Updated 6 years ago

Tiny framebuffer for SSD1306 and similar displays.

Updated 1 year ago

USB controlled relay

Updated 2 years ago

Stahovač archivu článků časopisu Vesmír ( Vyžaduje aktivní předplatné a jméno/heslo, jinak budou některé články neúplné.

Updated 5 years ago

Browser add-on that saves the current page as a HTML file with auto-redirect. It's like a bookmark you can store anywhere on your disk.

Updated 5 years ago

a small relational database with user-editable schema for manual data entry

Updated 3 years ago

Updated 12 months ago