B3M38SPD seminar project - beehive monitor with LoRa reporting
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#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include "type_coerce.h"
* This module can help you build payload arrays
* The builder performs bounds checking and prints error
* message on overflow for easy debugging.
typedef struct {
uint8_t *buf;
size_t ptr;
size_t capacity;
bool bigendian;
} PayloadBuilder;
#define pb_start(buf, capacity, bigendian) ((PayloadBuilder){buf, 0, capacity, bigendian})
#define pb_length(pb_p) ((pb_p)->ptr)
/** Write uint8_t to the buffer */
bool pb_u8(PayloadBuilder *pb, uint8_t byte);
/** Write uint16_t to the buffer. */
bool pb_u16(PayloadBuilder *pb, uint16_t word);
/** Write uint32_t to the buffer. */
bool pb_u32(PayloadBuilder *pb, uint32_t word);
/** Write char (int8_t) to the buffer. */
#define pb_char(pb, c) pb_i8(pb, c)
/** Write int8_t to the buffer. */
bool pb_i8(PayloadBuilder *pb, int8_t byte);
/** Write int16_t to the buffer. */
bool pb_i16(PayloadBuilder *pb, int16_t word);
/** Write int32_t to the buffer. */
bool pb_i32(PayloadBuilder *pb, int32_t word);
/** Write 4-byte float to the buffer. */
bool pb_float(PayloadBuilder *pb, float f);