ESP8266 part of the f105-motor-demo project (see f105-motor-demo_stm32)
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654 B

@import "normalize";
@import "lib/bourbon/bourbon";
@import "grid-settings";
@import "lib/neat/neat";
@import "utils/index";
@import "lib/chartist/chartist";
$form-label-w: 130px;
$form-label-gap: 8px;
$form-field-w: 250px;
$c-form-label-fg: white;
$c-form-field-bg: #303030;
$c-form-field-fg: white;
$c-form-highlight: #217b3a;
$c-form-highlight-a: #28bc65;
@function dist($x) {
@return modular-scale($x, 1rem, $golden);
@function fsize($x) {
@return modular-scale($x, 1em, $major-second);
.center {
text-align: center;
@import "layout/index";
@import "form/index";
// import all our pages
@import "pages/wifi";
@import "pages/home";