ESP8266 part of the f105-motor-demo project (see f105-motor-demo_stm32)
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set -e
set -x
rm -rf "$BLDDIR/pages"
rm -rf "$BLDDIR/js"
rm -rf "$BLDDIR/css"
rm -rf "$BLDDIR/img"
cd "$SRCDIR"
gulp --production
cd ..
cp -R "$SRCDIR/css" "$BLDDIR"
cp -R "$SRCDIR/js" "$BLDDIR"
cp -R "$SRCDIR/img" "$BLDDIR"
find "$BLDDIR" -name "*.map" -delete
mkdir -p "$BLDDIR/pages"
php "$SRCDIR/page_home.php" > "$BLDDIR/pages/home.tpl"
php "$SRCDIR/page_wifi.php" > "$BLDDIR/pages/wifi.tpl"