ESP8266 part of the f105-motor-demo project (see f105-motor-demo_stm32)
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7 years ago
#Makefile with the options specific to the build of a non-upgradable firmware with
#the espfs included in the firmware binary.
# linker script used for the linker step
# Extra script to tell the linker the correct irom0 memory available
EXTRA_LD_SCRIPTS = ldscript_memspecific.ld
TARGET_OUT := $(addprefix $(BUILD_BASE)/,$(TARGET).out)
.PHONY: ldscript_memspecific.ld
BLANKPOS="$$(printf "0x%X" $$(($(ESP_SPI_FLASH_SIZE_K)*1024-0x2000)))"
INITDATAPOS="$$(printf "0x%X" $$(($(ESP_SPI_FLASH_SIZE_K)*1024-0x4000)))"
$(vecho) "GEN $@"
$(Q) echo "MEMORY { irom0_0_seg : org = 0x40240000, len = "$$(printf "0x%X" $$(($(ESP_SPI_FLASH_SIZE)-0x4000)))" }"> ldscript_memspecific.ld
$(vecho) "LD $@"
$(Q) $(LD) -Llibesphttpd -L$(SDK_LIBDIR) $(LD_SCRIPT) $(EXTRA_LD_SCRIPTS) $(LDFLAGS) -Wl,--start-group $(LIBS) $(APP_AR) -Wl,--end-group -o $@
$(vecho) "FW $@"
$(Q) mkdir -p $@
$(Q) $(ESPTOOL) elf2image $(TARGET_OUT) --output $@/
flash: $(TARGET_OUT) $(FW_BASE)
$(Q) $(ESPTOOL) $(ESPTOOL_OPTS) write_flash $(ESPTOOL_FLASHDEF) 0x00000 $(FW_BASE)/0x00000.bin 0x40000 $(FW_BASE)/0x40000.bin
$(Q) $(ESPTOOL) $(ESPTOOL_OPTS) write_flash $(ESPTOOL_FLASHDEF) $(BLANKPOS) $(SDK_BASE)/bin/blank.bin $(INITDATAPOS) $(SDK_BASE)/bin/esp_init_data_default.bin
htmlflash: libesphttpd
$(Q) if [ $$(stat -c '%s' libesphttpd/webpages.espfs) -gt $$(( $(ESPFS_SIZE) )) ]; then echo "webpages.espfs too big!"; false; fi
$(Q) $(ESPTOOL) $(ESPTOOL_OPTS) write_flash $(ESPTOOL_FLASHDEF) $(ESPFS_POS) libesphttpd/webpages.espfs