FAT16 library written for an ATmega project with SD card
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#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
// Internal types and stuff that is needed in the header for declarations,
// but is not a part of the public API.
/** Boot Sector structure */
typedef struct __attribute__((packed))
// Fields loaded directly from disk:
// 13 bytes skipped
uint8_t sectors_per_cluster;
uint16_t reserved_sectors;
uint8_t num_fats;
uint16_t root_entries;
// 3 bytes skipped
uint16_t fat_size_sectors;
// 8 bytes skipped
uint32_t total_sectors; // if "short size sectors" is used, it's copied here too
// 7 bytes skipped
char volume_label[11]; // space padded, no terminator
// Added fields:
uint32_t bytes_per_cluster;
/** FAT filesystem handle */
typedef struct __attribute__((packed))
// Backing block device
const BLOCKDEV* dev;
// Root directory sector start
uint32_t rd_addr;
// Start of first cluster (number "2")
uint32_t data_addr;
// Start of fat table
uint32_t fat_addr;
// Boot sector data struct
Fat16BootSector bs;
* File Attributes (bit flags)
* Accessible using file->attribs
#define FA_READONLY 0x01 // read only file
#define FA_HIDDEN 0x02 // hidden file
#define FA_SYSTEM 0x04 // system file
#define FA_LABEL 0x08 // volume label entry, found only in root directory.
#define FA_DIR 0x10 // subdirectory
#define FA_ARCHIVE 0x20 // archive flag