Personal Finance Projector - plot how your account balance will develop in the future
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import profin
pf = profin.Projector()
# This demo simulates Betty who saved for a car
# Start date and balance, 'March', 24)
pf.balance(+40_000) # initial savings
# Recurring payments, paid on 1st of eahc month
rent = pf.monthly('Rent', -8_000) # a pretty high rent...
# using .spread() to distribute the cost over the whole month
# Set to False for less accurate graph but more readable stdout logs
want_spread = True
food = pf.monthly('Food', -3500).spread(want_spread)
# Betty goes to gym and it's very expensive
gym1 = pf.monthly('Gym 1', -500).on(10)
gym2 = pf.monthly('Gym 2', -500).on(20)
# She is a cashier but the pay isn't that good
job = pf.monthly('Cashier Job', +22_000, day=6), 'June')
# Betty is saving for a car, she stopped going to the gym and instead jogs outside.
# In September, Frank lent Betty some cash for the car
friend_loan = pf.borrow('Frank\'s Loan', +35_000).on(2018, 'Sep')\
.repay_monthly(-8000, day=7)\
.begin(2018, 'Dec') # Frank gives Betty 3 months before she has to start paying it back
# Betty can't decide which car to buy. Finally...
pf.expend("Car Purchase", 120_000).on(2018, 'Sep', 28)
# whoops that was expensive. But she'll recover ...
# Now she's paying off the loan. It's done in about 3 months after December
# --- We generate the prediction until December 31, 2019
# You can pass a second argument verbose=False to disable stdout printing
samples = pf.project_to(2019)
# show in a graph