pleroma groups!!!!!! try it ->
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use crate::store::DEFAULT_LOCALE_NAME;
use crate::tr::TranslationTable;
use std::collections::HashMap;
#[derive(Debug, Clone, Serialize, Deserialize)]
#[serde(default, deny_unknown_fields)]
pub struct CommonConfig {
pub groups_dir: String,
pub locales_dir: String,
pub validate_locales: bool,
/// Max number of missed notifs to process after connect
pub max_catchup_notifs: usize,
/// Max number of missed statuses to process after connect
pub max_catchup_statuses: usize,
/// Delay between fetched pages when catching up
pub delay_fetch_page_s: f64,
/// Delay after sending a status, making a follow or some other action.
/// Set if there are Throttled errors and you need to slow the service down.
pub delay_after_post_s: f64,
/// Delay before trying to re-connect after the server closed the socket
pub delay_reopen_closed_s: f64,
/// Delay before trying to re-connect after an error
pub delay_reopen_error_s: f64,
/// Timeout for a notification/timeline socket to be considered alive.
/// If nothing arrives in this interval, reopen it. Some servers have a buggy socket
/// implementation where it stays open but no longer works.
pub socket_alive_timeout_s: f64,
/// Time after which a socket is always closed, even if seemingly alive.
/// This is a work-around for servers that stop sending notifs after a while.
pub socket_retire_time_s: f64,
pub tr: HashMap<String, TranslationTable>,
impl Default for CommonConfig {
fn default() -> Self {
Self {
groups_dir: "groups".to_string(),
locales_dir: "locales".to_string(),
validate_locales: true,
max_catchup_notifs: 30,
max_catchup_statuses: 50,
delay_fetch_page_s: 0.25,
delay_after_post_s: 0.0,
delay_reopen_closed_s: 0.5,
delay_reopen_error_s: 5.0,
socket_alive_timeout_s: 30.0,
socket_retire_time_s: 120.0,
tr: Default::default(),
impl CommonConfig {
pub fn tr(&self, lang: &str) -> &TranslationTable {
match {
Some(tr) => tr,
None =>"default locale is not loaded"),