Updated the issue template to add language

Also corrected some other typos and suggested using file attachments
or gist's for large logs.
Evan Harris 4 years ago
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@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ following sections to make it easier to assist you.
*Describe your problem here. Describe what you want to happen, and what happens
if you try to do it. If you have a stack trace or any logs, please format them using
githubs triple backquote notation*
github's triple-backquote notation, or if they are large you may also consider
attaching them as a file or gist.*
### Steps to reproduce
@ -24,11 +25,12 @@ files, ensure you are legally permitted to share copies!*
* **Airsonic version**: *the version listed on the About page*
* **Operating system**: *the operating system you're running Airsonic on.
Linux, what distribution; Windows or Mac, what version?*
* **Java version**: *the Java version your using to run Airsonic.*
* **Java version**: *the Java version you are using to run Airsonic.*
* **Proxy server**: *if running Airsonic behind a proxy, what server and
version? Otherwise,* None
* **Client**: *what browser and version you use to access the Airsonic web
interface, or the name and version of another app you're using.*
* **Language**: *which langauge/internationalization is in use*
## Additional notes