Update Changelog for 10.5

Signed-off-by: Andrew DeMaria <lostonamountain@gmail.com>
Andrew DeMaria 4 years ago
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## v10.5.0 - 7 Nov 2019
**New index version. Scan will be triggered on startup**
- Precompile jsp
- Add option to disable timestamps during scan
- Making textareas vertical-align middle allows them to align with adjacent imgs.
- Improved handling of missing/failed transcoder
- Removed inability to change roles for admin user
- Display file id and path in debug scanning logs
- Update dark icons for the 'groove' theme
- added discogs search link to main album page
- Use titles in some \<img\> tags
- Make the systemd unit compatible with tomcat9
- Make the logout icon/image cliquable
- Bump Spring version
- Improve Windows system detection
- Update Lucene from 3.0.3 to the current version 8.2.0
- Add expunge to IndexManager
- Fix podcast download issues
- Fix null exception when creating a new podcast channel
- Handle Lyrics fetch HttpResponseException
- Added handling for LyricsService ConnectTimeoutException
- Improve error handling for jaudiotaggerParser artwork fetch
- Improve transcoder info text and formatting
- Handle nulls when processing cover art better
- Media file scan will now heed configured music/video file types
- Fix incorrect absolute paths in css
- Fixed broken brace and quote splitting in help text
- Fixed inconsistencies in SVG icon colors
- Remove white underline from player controls
- fixed 'Settings Saved' notification when saving transcoding settings #1114 (#1269)
- Fix broken update link
- normalize license expire date to prevent outstanding value on Java 12
- escaped artist and album values in links; fixed allmusic link
- Fix a NULL-deref in CoverArtController.java
- Gracefully handle failed version check attempts
- Fix the CSS for groove simple
- Path to search in a specific case is incorrect #1139
- upgrade jackson-databind and commons-beanutils for CVEs
And lots of code cleanup/improvements!
## v10.4.2 - 22 Oct 2019
### Fixes